Fitting artificial grass between marble slabs

Area between marble slabs requiring lawnLandscaping completed

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The Brief:

The back garden of this bungalow in Sidcup, Kent had just been hard landscaped. New marble slabs had been laid and all that was left to complete the garden was the central lawn.

The owners wanted the garden lawn for their grandchildren to play in and a place to enjoy their retirement.

Our Work:

Due to the existing low levels we needed to build the area up by 6 inches so it came in flush with the new slabs. We did this by adding 3 tonnes of Type1 and a tonne of granite dust.

2″ x 3″ timber fixings were concreted inside the stone line and a curved timber edge was concreted in on the bed side using shorter cut pieces of timber.

The grass fitted between the marble slabs was the Heath.

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