Creating an inspiring artificial grass terrace in Shooters Hill

Terrace in Shooters HillArtificial grass in Shooters Hill

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The Brief:

Concrete terraces can be bland and uninviting areas that are unsafe for children to play on. This doesn’t have to be the case though as you can see from this recent project we worked on in Shooters Hill, London.

Adding a soft carpet flooring to the concrete can be a relatively quick and inexpensive way to make a huge difference. Not only will the artificial grass cushion any falls the toddlers may have it will also add a lovely calming green colour to the area. Add some additional planters and you will soon have an outside space that will be used by the whole family all year round.

Our Work:

Because the existing concrete flooring was flat and its drainage good this particular job was not too difficult. Within a day we had cut the Grange artificial grass to shape, transported it up to the apartment and layed it in place. Not a bad transformation for a days work!

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