Creating a lovely artificial grass lawn overlooking Chatham Marina

This has to be one of the best views from the back garden I have had this year. To complement this great view of Chatham Marina we were asked to sort out the lawn. Nothing too fancy was needed just a good simple, well laid artificial grass lawn to take the place of the existing scruffy grass.

We dug out the existing top soil and grass then put in our timber fixings, membrane, Type 1 and a top layer of granite dust.

Only once the solid groundworks were installed could we fit our high end grass the Grange.

What a fabulous place to sit out and watch the boats go by!

Existing back garden
Great view shame about the lawn
Clean finish around the edges
Clean finish around the edges
What a difference
What a difference a day makes
Great view chatham marina back garden
Great view of the back garden and Chatham Marina

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