Creating a fitting area for the last West Ham United goal used at Upton Park

This was an unusual project for me to undertake and one which was very dear to my heart as a life long West Ham United fan.

I was asked by the owner of this house in Bickley, London to create a fitting area for the last West Ham United goal used at Upton Park. It was bought at auction from West Ham United and was sold as the last goal ever to be scored in at Upton Park. You can still see where the keeper cleaned his boots on the post!

To create the area we simply added a membrane to prevent weeds growing through the artificial grass and added 25 tonnes of Type 1 followed by a layer of granite dust. We fenced off one side to prevent footballs flying off into the neighbours gardens.

70 metres of timber fixings were concreted in around the perimeter of the garden to attach the grass to. The grass we fitted wasn’t a specific 3g football surface but a good all round product we are the sole distributor of the Outfield. Its 25mm pile will protect the lawn from debris from the surrounding trees keeping it in good condition for longer.

We added approximately 1 tonne of kiln dried sand to the grass surface to increase its durability.

We marked the penalty spot and goal line using markers however we may need to revisit and cut in actual white stripes if these fade too quickly. (Thank you Tim at Marley Sports).

The end product is sensational and showcases the high standard work we deliver on every job.

Existing goalmouth area
Existing muddy goalmouth area
Fitting area for west ham goal
Fitting area for West Ham United goal
Groundworks underway for footballing lawn
Groundworks underway for football lawn
Last west ham united goal used at upton park
Last West Ham United goal used at Upton Park in its new home

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