Bringing a garden to life

Dull back gardenBringing a garden to life

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The Brief:

In this project we were tasked with bringing a garden to life. The problem with the back garden at present was it was lacking the wow factor. The grass was looking lifeless and the area was dominated by a large dull fence.

The owners had spent a fortune renovating the beautiful Victorian house and now was the time to bring the garden up to the same standard. We were also asked to take into consideration the owners two pet dogs who had to enjoy the new garden as much as themselves.

Our Work:

We removed 20 tonnes of soil and topsoil before installing our ground works.

The artificial grass chosen by the customer was the Grange. They loved the realistic look of this grass and the way it recovered when trodden on.

We also advised on planting some pleeched cherry trees. These additional trees would break up the look of the back fence which ran along the whole length of the end of the garden.

We think the end result added some real vitality to this garden.

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