Fitting artificial grass up to a dwarf wall

Newly installed dwarf wallArtificial grass fitted up to dwarf wall

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The Brief:

This customer in Barnehurst, London was slowly getting her back garden to the way she wanted. She had recently put in a dwarf wall which helped retain the garden border above it. What was needed now was a nice patch of green grass that would go right up to the wall. Real grass was a problem due to a lack of sunlight so artificial grass was chosen as the best alternative.

Our Work:

We removed 4 tonnes of turf and soil and put in our usual high standard groundworks.

We dug in our timber edging at the same level as the footings of the wall. This allowed us to fit the fake grass to the same level. To secure the grass in place we glued it to the footings.

3 tonnes of Type 1 topped with a tonne of granite dust gave us a fantastic base on which to install The Rectory artificial grass.

The garden now had artificial grass fitted right up to the dwarf wall. This green healthy looking grass will look great for many years to come.

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