Artificial grass for a difficult front garden lawn in Belvedere

Artificial grass for a difficult front lawnDifficult front garden lawn completed

The Brief:

This house in Belvedere, London is similar to many houses we see in that it has a difficult front garden lawn. It is so small it makes maintaining it very hard and it quickly looks untidy.

The only answer to this problem is to install artificial grass. Because the area is small it is even more imperative to make sure that if you choose artificial grass you install it properly.

Perfect Grass continues to use the latest techniques in laying artificial grass so that our customers get a lawn they can be proud of for many years.

Our Work:

For this small garden we added 2 tonnes of type 1 under the grass and concreted timbers in all around the inside of the edges.

You will see many companies not do this and although the results of the artificial grass installation may initially seem good the grass will soon sink and you will get worm cast curl up all around the edge followed by lots of weeds.

With our installation technique this installation in Belvedere will look good for many years to come.

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