Alternatives to grass in Bexley

Alternatives to grass for Bexley residents

Before artificial grass installed in BexleyAlternatives to grass in Bexley

The Brief:

We were delighted when a third home owner in a small street in Bexley, London asked us to install artificial turf in both their front and back garden. They had been searching for the best alternatives to grass and found that fake grass was best. It was just a case of asking their neighbours who they recommended.

Our Work:

We installed our usual high quality groundworks. 15 tonnes of aggregates were put down to provide a solid base that would drain well however much rain fell. The Rectory grass was then fitted to complete the job.

The owners were delighted with their new lawn. For them it was the best alternative to grass for now they had a year round great looking lawn that required very little maintenance.


  1. Hi on the offcuts page it says you have 4 X 3 rectory offcuts X 2 are these still available? And if so is it possible to arrange delivery? I am looking to cover a 2.5m X 6.5 m garden, Thanks

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