Adding colour to a garden with artificial grass

Garden without artificial grassAdding colour to the garden

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The Brief:

This town house garden in Bromley, Kent looked okay. It was contained on 3 sides by wooden fencing and on one side by a brick wall. The flooring was a combination of gravel and concrete slabs. It could quite easily have had further gravel added to the end of the garden to complete its design but the owner wanted give more life to the area.

To improve the garden and bring it to life it needed some colour. An easy way to do this was to create a clean flawless green area. Because the garden was north facing and shaded for large parts of the day real grass struggled to grow. The obvious and best answer was artificial grass.

Our Work:

To complete this garden we raised the lower level so all the step risers were even. We did this by adding 6 tonnes of mixed aggregates. We were then completed our groundworks before fitting our newly upgraded artificial grass the Heath. We think by adding some colour to the garden with the fantastic bright, natural looking grass the area has been rejuvenated.

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