A small garden in Bexleyheath on different 3 layers

Middle layer of lawnArtificial grass added to middle layer of lawn

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The Brief:

This install in Bexleyheath, London shows exactly what can be done with a smallish garden on 3 different layers. Our job was to add artificial grass to the middle layer which joined the patio eating area with the decked summer house. You will be amazed at how many people don’t use their summer house / office if the grass surrounding it is muddy. Hopefully the new artificial grass will solve this problem.

Our Work:

We raised the level of the garden so it was flush with the new copping stones. This increased the impression of size of the area by removing the eye stopping lips. A 3 inch sub base of Type one Mot, topped with granite dust all set within concreted in wooden fixings created the solid foundations. The Knoll grass finished another successful and pleasing installation.

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