A quick draining garden lawn ideal for dog owners

Boggy garden lawnFast draining garden lawn

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The Brief:

This back garden in Bexley, Kent was being let down by the grass. It became a muddy mess even with the smallest amount of rain. Although the dog enjoyed his play area it didn’t look good and even worse the inside of the house became muddy too.

We were asked to install a quick draining garden lawn using artificial grass. The purpose was to reduce the mud brought into the house but still offer a pet friendly area for the dog.

Our Work:

We removed 6 cubic yards of soil and turf and put in our usual high quality groundworks.

A total of 8 tonnes of mixed aggregates were put under the garden lawn to help improve the drainage and stop the grass sinking.

The new Outfield artificial grass was chosen for it is dog friendly and non toxic. Many dog owners worry that artificial grass will become smelly with dog urine. The large amount of drainage holes in the rear of this grass allow urine to pass through quickly. So not only does it look great and drain well it won’t smell and there will be a lot less mud.

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