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I have been working on getting the best base for artificial grass for over 16 years now. It is not just about the longevity of the product looking good or the cost of the install but also the practicality of the install, in case of any issues requiring us to have a look underneath. Perfect Grass Ltd has been installing this way from the start. We were one of the first companies in the UK to use granite dust (now an industry norm).

We have, due to sensible growth (non franchised business) managed to keep an extremely high standard of installation. Every job is given equal care and attention and the best installation possible. We never take short cuts on our methods to win a job because we don’t wish to be associated with poor workmanship.

This particular job in Ditton, Kent really does show everything we are about. The time, care and effort that went into getting these curves right to mirror the original lawn highlights this. A solid sub base topped with an immaculate finishing screed gave us the ultimate surface to fit our amazing own range of grass.

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