A great example of a well installed artificial lawn in Bexleyheath

Unhappy dog BexleyheathWell installed artificial lawn

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The Brief:

This is a perfect example to show all the good aspects of a well installed artificial lawn.  This lawn was a recent project in Bexleyheath, London.

The paving stones had just been laid and looked amazing and the surrounding beds look clean and very contemporary, however, the real grass just didn’t do the area justice and it ends up spoiling the look. This is where Perfect Grass came in to help.

Our Work:

We installed our new grass the Spring 30. It has a PU backing which is perfect for the owner’s dog as this will not absorb any urine and can simply be washed through, therefore avoiding any bad smells.

The state-of-the-art grass makes the area look modern, spacious and ties the paving and surrounding raised beds in together.

The groundworks consist of a 3/2 timber frame concreted into position to the nearest millimetre,  4 tonnes of Type 1 compacted on a membrane and then topped with 1½ tonnes of compacted granite dust which has been screeded to perfection. Another truly fantastic installation!

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