A challenging job fitting artificial grass in Chelsfield

Custom groundworksArtificial grass Chelsfield fitted

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The Brief:

We generally install 6-7 garden lawns a week and have been all year. Most are simply fence to fence and straight forward. It is always nice to get an install with a slight challenge, with the potential to look amazing like this one in Chelsfield, Kent.

Our Work:

We needed to improvise our groundworks to suit this job. Hanging timbers were set back from the edge to hold the grass in place whilst fitting and to stop any downward movement on the steep bank at a later stage. We doubled up the fixings by using a concrete haunch in case of a stray car wheel. The customer wanted the deck area brightening up and integrating. To do this we used timber fixing around the edge and filled the area with concrete so there would be no movement in the future. Finally we fitted our 30mm product the Rectory to our very highest standard (as always).

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