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Artificial Grass Maintenance

How to maintain and clean your artificial grass lawn By Gavin Hall Updated: 22nd May, 2024 First published: 6th December, 2017 Maybe one of the reasons you invested in a new artificial grass lawn was because it requires little maintenance. This is true but there are some regular and occasional tasks that you need to carry out…

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Artificial Grass Installer

How to choose the best artificial grass installer

How to choose the best artificial grass installer By Gavin Hall I get asked all the time what makes one artificial grass installer any different from the next? And why does one artificial grass installer quote a lot less than another? There are so many people claiming to be artificial grass installation experts it can…

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Completed School Artificial Grass Installation

Primary School Installation – Part 4

Tunbury Primary School gets Artificial Grass – part 4      The Final Fling With all the hard labour completed it was time to put the finishing touches to our base on this school artificial grass installation.The job really was starting to take shape and the end was in sight for us and this Kent based school.…

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Climbing frame

Primary School Installation – Part 3

Tunbury Primary School Gets Artificial Grass – Part 3     Things can only get better After the awful start to this job, things could only improve and after a quick look outside of the window at 6.30 am I decided this was not the case and I was all set for another miserable Kent…

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Perfect Grass Car

Primary School Installation – Part 2

Tunbury Primary School gets Artificial Grass – part 2      The first day on site Arrival – 9.48 Hours at Tunbury Primary School in Kent “What possibly could go wrong”? I thought as I pulled into the gates at the school 15 minutes later than planned. Everything was the answer. This is how my day…

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Tunbury Primary School in Kent

Primary School Installation – Part 1

Tunbury Primary School gets Artificial Grass – part 1     How it started About 6 weeks ago we were approached by the deputy Headmistress of Tunbury Primary School in Kent, Miss King to do a site visit and provide a quote for artificial grass at the school. On the arrange day we drove the…

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Artificial grass installed in a school

Improving Play Areas at Schools

Artificial grass in the playground With obesity on the rise the government are currently pushing schools to make more use of their outside areas. However, due to the weather conditions in this country most of these areas are unusable for 6 months of the year and this causes the children to miss out on their…

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