Tunbury Primary School gets Artificial Grass – part 4     

The Final Fling

Membrane installedWith all the hard labour completed it was time to put the finishing touches to our base on this school artificial grass installation.The job really was starting to take shape and the end was in sight for us and this Kent based school.

We brought the grass down in several rolls and used the lower playground to roll and cut these into our required sizes.We installed the grass on the bank first of all, as this was always going to be the tricky part, It took the best part of a day to get this fitted but we were amazed with the results.

Its all going smoothly now

Completed School Artificial Grass InstallationWith the grass going down bit by bit there was a happier, more content mood amongst the team as we loaded up for hopefully our last day.I drove on ahead and just as I was turning into the school, I received a phone call from the other van and I was informed they had broken down on the slip road of the m20/m25. Yiiippppeee!

I drove back and let them take my van so they could crack on, while I waited for the AA to come and help me. A tankful of unleaded in the diesel tank was the problem and £200 later I was back on the road.

The day got better from this bad start and we were very close to finishing by the end of the day, but had a few tricky areas to do , so we decided to come back Saturday morning and finish.

Weekend working

There is something odd about working at the weekend, its a horrible thought Friday night but once you are there its quite nice. It took us slightly longer than we expected but we got it finished and I think you will agree it looks sensational. It took 4 hours to lay the grass under the climbing frame on top of 25mm shock pads.

It was well worth the effort from our behalf and the school were extremely happy with the end result and we hope to be taking on many more projects like this in the near future!

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