Solution to dog urine killing grass

Grass spoilt by dog urineSolution to dog urine killing grass

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The Brief:

We all love our animals in England especially our dogs. But when we are left with a patchy lawn like this family in Bromley, London we need to act. One solution to dog urine killing grass and leaving an unsightly area is to replace the real grass with artificial grass. This is the only way to achieve the best of both worlds; happy pets who are free to go outside and a beautiful year round lawn free from urine patches.

Our Work:

To help this particular garden reach its full potential we raised the lawn area up two brick courses. This made the whole garden appear bigger and reduced the drop. Over 8 tonnes of aggregates were introduced inside our perimiter timber fixings. Finally the Meadow grass was fitted. Like all our artificial grass products it is completely dog friendly and with the right maintenance will last for many years.

The grass now looked pristine and once the borders are planted the garden will look fantastic and the dogs will not be able to spoil it!

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