Providing artificial grass for a school in Chingford

Muddy school playgroundYear round landscaping idea

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The Brief:

This Primary School in Chingford, Esssex was in much need of artificial grass. Currently during the wetter months there was no safe place for the kids to play because their playground became so muddy and slippery. Landscaping the area with artificial grass was their best option.

Our Work:

We removed over 10 tonnes of soil and turf before putting down solid groundworks. The groundworks comprised of 14 tonnes of Type 1 and granite dust.

Timber fixings were concreted in around the whole of the perimeter. We would later attach the artificial grass to these fixings to prevent the grass from moving or lifting up. This is always important when laying artificial grass but especially so when you have hundreds of kids running across the surface every day. The last thing you want is a kid tripping over a section of poorly laid grass.

The Outfield artificial grass was chosen for its durability.

The Primary School now had year round landscaping that the kids could enjoy whatever the weather.

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