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The Brief:

Due to the rise in the cost of living it is common now for both parents to work. As a result we are seeing more childcare companies opening up. One thing that we are noticing is that these businesses want a childlcare flooring that is safe, affordable and easy to clean. Generally used for outside play areas artificial grass provides a great solution.

This newly acquired property in London Docklands was setting up as a childcare company. The outdoor area was a complete jungle but was going to be an essential part of the business.

As a new business the owners wanted to reduce their costs as much as possible so they cleared the area of weeds and debris before we began the installation.

Our Work:

The whole area was raised up with 12 tonnes of mixed aggregates. There were a number of ancient drain covers on the site that we needed to hide. We did this by making artficial grass drain cover boxes which would remain accessible if needed.

The artificial grass we fitted was the Outfield. The new owners were delighted with their new childcare flooring.

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