Laying artificial grass on a rubber play surface

Existing rubber play surfaceLaying artificial grass on a rubber play surface

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The Brief:

We were asked back to Lemon Grove Nursery in Bromley, London to provide them with another all year round surface for the kids to play on. (We had installed an artificial grass playground here a couple of years ago). On this occasion the current rubber play surface of an area had deteriorated and needed replacing. The main problem with it was the kids were left covered in dark grime when they played on it in the wet making it an unsuitable surface for all year round use.

Artificial grass was the only real solution!

Our Work:

To save the nursery money we decided to lay the artificial grass directly on to the rubber play surface. The existing surface will provide excellent cushioning for the kids playing on it.

To install the Knoll grass we simply joined the grass together with tape to make one large piece. We then glued it down in place and sanded heavily with kiln sand to pin it in place.  4 inch nails were used to hold the grass around the perimeter.

Where people walked on and off the area we cut the rubber surface back and concreted in a timber so there was no chance of a trip hazard.

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