Laying artificial grass for a child care centre in New Addington

Nursery new addington poor play areaArtificial grass fitted in New Addington

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The Brief:

With more couples working the demand for childcare is increasing. As a result of this we are seeing more nurseries starting up in family homes like this one in New Addington in Greater London.

Often an outdoor building is erected away from the main dwelling to accommodate the kids. The garden is generally the most popular location for this outbuilding. The problem the new nursery then faces is the lack of a suitable play area. ‘Real’ garden grass will quickly become worn out and muddy with the little ones playing on it. The best surface to keep them safe and happy all year round is artificial grass. This is what we were asked to install on this particular project.

Our Work:

Good solid groundworks were essential on this project to not only help the play area drain well but to keep the grass nice and flat to prevent the kids tripping over. Our New Outfield artificial grass was chosen by the nursery for its looks and hard wearing characteristics. The nursery now had a great new selling point and the ability to take on more kids.

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