Landscaping a small area for a kids nursery

Outside area of nurseryLandscaping a small area

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The Brief:

Here we set about landscaping a small area for a kids nursery in Penge, South East London.

The owners were looking for a simple and safe flooring solution for their small outside area. They wanted to keep the costs down whilst creating maximum impact. The area had recently been screeded so it was nice and smooth. This was a good foundation on which we could lay artificial grass.

Our Work:

Because the ground on which we were going to lay the grass was already prepared it was a relatively quick job for us to cut and join the Rectory product. The owners chose the Rectory for they liked the matt fibre of this product. This reduced any shine sometimes associated with artificial grass. They also like the dense 35 mm pile which would stand up well to all the little feet that would be running around on it.

Combined with a few outside toys this simple landscaping idea in this small area now allows the nursery to offer a safe and fun area for the kids to play in all year round.

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