Is cheap artificial grass the best thing for schools?

Good quality artificial grassIs cheap artificial grass best

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The Brief:

Many schools have a number of play areas in their grounds where the grass has been worn out due to the volume of kids walking on it. This particular school in Basildon, Essex had 6 such areas that were looking rather tired.

Due to the lack of funding many schools receive they often opt for the cheapest option when going for artificial grass. Cheap artificial grass with no substantial groundworks will end up with the grass needing to be replaced in a few years time. Not a good investment in my eyes!

We have spoken to many schools like this one in Basildon and they are now realising that¬† cheap artificial grass doesn’t actullay make economical sense so they are opting instead for a good quality artificial grass layed properly. Over the long run the schools will be better off.

Our Work:

We installed the Outfield artificial grass in all 6 areas of this school. A longterm fix that we are sure this school will enjoy.

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