Installing artificial grass in Petts Wood

Petts Wood Garden BeforeArtificial Grass in Petts Wood

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The Brief:

The owners of this stunning house in Petts Wood, London had their heart set on artificial grass as they wanted the perfect lawn all year round with minimal maintenance. Our brief was to match the artificial grass with the quality of the existing grounds in this large garden. This mean’t that the artificial grass had to be fitted completely flush with the granite patio.

Our Work:

The access to the garden was extremely tricky. The only way things could go in and out was over the perimeter wall.

To begin the job we removed over 25 tonnes of turf and top soil and replaced it with 30 tonnes of Type 1 followed by a 0.5 mm granite top layer.

Fixing the perimeter properly is a must on every job but on this particular project it was essential. As you can see we were able to achieve an amazing knuckle effect along the front lip by using our tried and tested installation technique.

We added boxes around all of the planting to give them space to grow.

Finally we installed our new top end product the Grange artificial grass

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