Installing artificial grass in Lee

Back garden in lee before artificial grass fittedInstalled artificial grass in lee

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The Brief:

This stunning house in Lee, London had a back garden with a lot of potential. The one thing that was letting it down was the grass lawn. It looked tired and uninviting. It didn’t match up with the beautiful new summer house that had recently been built. What the owners needed was an inviting grass area that you would be happy to stroll across to reach the veranda of the summer house.

Our Work:

There were 4 stepping stones on the existing garden. To enable us to secure the new artificial grass in place around them we had to concrete around the stones. This gave us something we could then stick the grass to.

The end results was amazing. The bamboo framed the pathway and the new Meadow artificial grass made the whole area seem much larger. The area now flowed beautifully from the house to the outbuilding.

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