Creating a safe play surface for kids

Existing playgroundPlayground with safe play surface fitted

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The Brief:

This inner city school in Croydon, Surrey asked us to put down a safe play surface that the kids could enjoy all year round. The present space was hard and slippery and was not soft enough to break the fall of kids. The whole area also looked uninviting with its lone swing and rubber mat taking centre stage.

Artificial grass is ideal for these type of areas for it is not only soft, green and inviting it can be used all year round as long as it is fitted correctly.

Our Work:

We brought in a digger for this project to take out over twenty tonnes of soil and turf. We concreted in a heavy duty timber along the top of the bank so the grass would not move. Twenty tonnes of mixed aggregates were compacted in before we layed our hardwearing 25mm grass the Outfield.

Where needed we added a further quarter of a tonne of kiln dry sand to top dress and add longevity to the grass.

The kids now had a safe play surface they could enjoy all year.

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