Adding an extra room to your house

adding an extra room to your houseExtra room completed with artificial grass

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The Brief:

Nowadays every square inch of space is precious. Adding an extra room to your house can add great value to your property. An unused area in your garden is a great idea for this. This family in Eltham, London did just that.

The only problem with areas like this is you have to be able to link them with an accessible path so they can be used all year round with out transferring mud from one place to the next.

Artificial grass is the only answer as not only is it green all year round it is much more child friendly than a patio.

Our Work:

We installed all our high quality groundworks in the garden before fitting the Rectory Artificial Grass. The extra room in the garden now linked perfectly with the house. No mud would be brought in to either area.

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