A great outdoor play idea for a preschool

Outdoor play area beforeCompleted outdoor play idea

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The Brief:

With technology all around us these days it is vital that kids both in preschool and school get regular outdoor play time. It not only gives them fresh air and exercise it also gives them the opportunity to interact with other kids.

This preschool in a Methodist church in Bromley needed an outside area where the kids could play safely, was easy to maintain and could be used all year round. Artificial grass was the only answer. Come rain or shine the kids will be able to run around all day long without getting hurt or even worse muddy!

Our Work:

As the ground was so compacted we needed a digger to help with this project. It provided us with an easy way to remove all the top soil and old grass. We were then able to install the solid foundations starting with 15 tonnes of aggregates. It is essential to get decent ground works in place so the grass will look good for many years to come. Once the groundworks were in we fitted the Spring artificial grass. The preschool’s outdoor play idea was a success. The kids could now enjoy their playtime outside all year round.

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