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The Brief:

One of the main reasons real grass does not grow properly in England is because of poor drainage. This well designed back garden in Chelmsford, Essex suffered from exactly that and the lawn had suffered because of it. The owners asked us to sort out the drainage and install synthetic grass.

Our Work:

To sort out the gardens drainage problem we removed 3-4 inches of turf and top soil. Along the front edge we dug an extra 6 inch gully which we filled with smashed rubble. This gully would drain away any excess water.

Timbers were concreted in around the perimeter, a membrane laid, 2-3 inches of compacted Type 1 added and then our top layer of 0-5 mm granite dust was put down.

As a leading Synthetic Turf Supplier we offer a whole range of different grass products to accomodate the needs of our different customers. On this occasion the owners chose the Boundary synthetic grass for they liked its long soft pile and great, realistic looks

Another fantastic project completed.

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