Installing a Muga pitch in Hackney

Muga Pitch BeforeMuga Pitch After

The Brief:

We were asked by a housing estate in Hackney, London to install a Muga pitch (Multi Use Games Area) to replace their exisiting tarmac pitch. These pitches are becoming popular throughout the UK as the pitches can be used for a variety of different sports in all weathers.

We worked on this project with Marley Sports who have over 10 years experience in fitting sports surfaces for schools and a variety of other places.

The tight pile grass carpet holds a large amount of specially quarried kiln sand which means when used the majority of weight is on the sand rather than the carpet itself giving it a long life span.

Our Work:

To begin this project we drilled drainage holes all over the exisitng tarmac surface. The holes were then filled with 10mm pea gravel. The Muga pitch was then layed down directly on to the exisitng tarmac surface. The Muga then had Kiln sand added to the surface. The final step in the process was to add the lines for the various sporting activities that would be played on the new surface.

We believe that the finished Muga pitch provides a great playing surface that is softer, longer lasting and drains better than traditional tarmac pitches.

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