Artificial grass for a new hospital in Maidstone

Artificial grass for secure hospital
Secure hospital Maidstone, Kent

The Brief:

We won the contract to fit nearly 600 m² of artificial grass at this brand new secure hospital in Maidstone, Kent. We had worked for the same company at a site in Stevenage 9 years previously. On that occasion we had fitted artificial grass on the balconies of the secured units. This time we were asked to fit grass in 4 separate places: 2 oval areas, a large rectangular area and a play area. We had 7 days to complete the work.

Our Work:

We worked alongside the main contractors Metnor construction and 7 other sub contractors. Needless to say the site was extremely busy and getting the grass in and fitted had some complications.

To allow the job to run as smoothly as possible early morning meetings were required with myself and the subcontractors. We discussed and agreed on the movement of plant and where their teams would be working that day.

As you would expect with any project of this size there were a few minor issues but nothing our team couldn’t sort out. There was confusion on who was to provide the 60 tonnes of granite dust. We had no choice but to take the lead and quickly got it delivered so as not to hold up our part of the project.

Granite dust delivered
60 tonnes of granite dust brought in

The main contractor had already put the Type 1 aggregates in. We needed to get the granite dust compacted and screeded and ready for the grass.

Grass laid hospital
Granite dust being compacted and screeded and the grass fitted

We had fitted a 3″ by 2″ inch concrete haunch around the perimeter, which the Knoll grass was to be heavily stuck to. It was stuck as opposed to nailed as nothing sharp could be used in the fixings due to nature of the buildings use in the future.

The grass was laid reasonably stress free. We just had to make sure the tarmac company doing the surrounding paths didn’t ruin it. A simple tarpaulin cover over the grass achieved this.

Tarmac surrounding grass
Oval area completed

The final gap in the gabien wall was put in place once everything was inside and the final piece of grass was fitted and sanded. Another successful project with a good high quality outcome.

Artificial grass new hospital
Large rectangular area completed

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