Isn’t it great to decorate your house at Christmas and give your home a truly warm Christmassy feel.

Sometimes you may need to add some new ideas to your Christmas decorations. We have come up with 6 great ways you can use artificial grass offcuts to make some truly unusual and fun Christmas decorations that will bring a smile to all your guests faces.

Artificial Grass Tree and Mat1. Christmas tree mats

I am not a huge fan of artificial Christmas trees. I love the smell of a real tree but it can have its drawbacks like damaging the floor it is positioned on and falling needles. You can protect your flooring or carpet with an artificial grass mat placed beneath your Christmas tree base. Not only will the mat look good it will protect your flooring from any scratches or rips and will catch your fallen needles. Once Christmas is over lift up the mat roll it up and put it away with the rest of the decorations til next year.

Christmas Bunny2. Artificial Grass Christmas Bunny

I think this artificial grass bunny will look great besides any Christmas tree. It doesn’t have to be a bunny, you could go for a donkey, a sheep or any other animal associated with Christmas.

Table Runner3. Artificial grass table runner

Has your finest glassware ever been accidentally knocked over and broken at the Christmas dinner table? Well an artificial grass tablerunner is a great idea to prevent this happening. Not only will it save your cut glass crystal from breaking it will also make your table come alive. I know I will enjoy my turkey more with one of these on the table!

artificial grass topiary ball4. Artificial grass topiary ball

This topiary ball can be hung outside your house. Add a few baubles, lights and other Christmas decorations to it and Santa is sure to stop by for a glass of Rum!

christmas wreath made from artificial grass5. Christmas Wreath

The traditional Christmas Wreath looks great made from artificial grass. Add a few flowers and some ribbon to it and you will have a great alternative to the normal conifer wreath we are used to seeing.

artificial grass armchair6. Artificial grass chair

Last but certainly not least is our artificial grass chair. You have slaved away cooking all day why not sit back in the comfort of an artificial grass chair, watch some telly and let the rest of the family make you a well deserved cup of tea.

I hope that this gives you a few fun ideas for decorating your home over the festive season with artificial grass. Do you have any other ideas to add? Please leave them in the comments below or post an image or two on our Pinterest board devoted to this topic or our Facebook page

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