A History of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is something that we at Perfect Grass couldn’t begin to imagine life without. It’s easy to install, it looks great all year round, and the best part… you can put your feet up, because it requires near enough no maintenance at all!

In fact, we think artificial grass is simply so magnificent that its story should be shared, so we’ve popped our research heads on and found out the history of artificial grass for you to enjoy.

The Birth of Artificial Grass

In the 1950s, the Ford Foundation conducted a study that concluded that children from rural backgrounds were much more active than those from urban backgrounds. Farm folk could jump higher, run further, and were all-round better sportsmen than the city-dwellers. They could, of course, only speculate as to why this may be — but some big brains at the Ford Foundation came up with a theory that we’re rather grateful for… grass.

At the same time, a company called Monsanto Industries was successfully producing synthetic carpets, and encouraging schools to use them. Dr Gores of the Ford Foundation suggested that Monsanto combined the research Ford had conducted and their ability at Monsanto to create synthetic surfaces, and make the perfect urban playing surface.

In 1964, the dream came alive, as the first artificial grass was installed at the Moses Brown School in Providence Rhode Island.

Gaining Speed

With the Monsanto name spreading, it was only a matter of time before artificial grass went ‘viral’. And sure enough in 1965 Judge Roy Hofheinz built the AstroDome in Texas, and asked for artificial grass to replace the natural grass that had died. The result was sensational — it looked like thick, healthy grass, it was easy to maintain, and the issue of dead grass was no longer a problem. The idea spread like wild fire and within a few years, artificial grass fields were under construction all over America.

Creating a Masterpiece

As customers of Perfect Grass, you know that our artificial grass is second-to-none. It’s child friendly and non-abrasive, we use a mixture of colours to make it realistic, it’s 100% recyclable, pet friendly and suitable for all climates… in fact, it’s about as wonderful as it could get.

But artificial grass hasn’t always been so smart, and when it was first installed in stadiums across America there were no end of complaints from men with sore arms, hands and — cough — elbows… because the material was very unforgiving. This led to further development of the product, which has grown in strength over the years, and is now as similar to real grass as it can get.

So there you have it the history of artificial grass. But you needn’t worry about all the ins and outs of our products, just rest assured that we provide the best, luxury artificial grass at prices you can afford.

Because at Perfect Grass, we’re all about the future of your garden.

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