What to do with a scorched lawn

Scorched lawn with manhole cover

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The Brief:

Due to having no shade this garden lawn had burn’t up. Not only this, the back garden in Sidcup, Kent was being ruined by a rather lively young dog called Paddy and to make matters even worse the lawn also had an ugly man hole cover in the middle of it. Here we take you through what to do with a scorched lawn and solve the other issues at the same time.


Our Work:

After carefully clearing away Paddy’s wide array of toys we got to work!

Our normal high quality groundwork procedure was put in and then we laid our dog friendly grass the Outfield. We cut a piece of grass to fit snuggly over the manhole cover. We made sure it could be easily removed in case access was needed.

A fantastic outcome, the scorched grass was now green, the dog had a nice area to play on and the manhole cover was out of sight.

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