Tips for a shady lawn in Purley

Shady lawn in PurleyBest tips for a shady lawn area

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The Brief:

This small shady lawn area in Purley, Surrey struggled to thrive because of a lack of light. It is a common problem found all over England. Gardens are created with small bushes and trees and over time as they grow they take away the sunlight from the lawn area.

High on the list of tips to improve a shady lawn and to overcome this problem is to install artificial grass. It is easy to manage, looks great and is a cost effective solution. The other alternatives can take a lot of guess work and maintenance like trying to find a grass type that likes the shade and will then thrive in the climate of your garden.

Our Work:

Having been given the go ahead from the owners we got to work. We installed our high end groundworks and then fitted our Super Soft artificial grass product The Spring.

The end result was a great looking lawn that loved the shade as much as sunlight, was easy to maintain and could be used all year round.

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