Laying artificial lawn grass in Sidcup

Before artificial lawn grass was fitted at this house in SidcupArtificial Lawn Grass installed

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The Brief:

This long thin garden lawn in Sidcup, Kent needed some attention. Grass would grow on half the lawn but not the other. This was because the far end of the garden lawn was sheltered by some tall conifer trees. The family also had two active boys who loved to play outside. A new artificial grass lawn was the answer.

Our Work:

We dug out 4 tonnes of dirt and top soil and replaced it with 4 inches of type 1. This was done  to improve the drainage and make a good solid base on which we could lay the artificial lawn grass.

We attached timber fixings around the perimeter and then added 1 inch of 0-5mm granite dust to complete the groundworks.

Once we were happy with the groundworks we were able to fit the artificial lawn grass (The Boundary). Because of the attention to detail in the groundworks this new artificial lawn should last the owners ten or more years. They were delighted!

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