How to design a family garden

Garden with many levelsIdea on how to design a family garden

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The Brief:

The owners of this house in Orpington, Kent posed the question, how to design a family garden that the whole household would enjoy?

The current large back garden felt disjointed for it had lots of different areas not really serving any purpose. 

We proposed building the whole area up to the top step of the patio by the house and taking it flush with the lower patio in the garden. We also suggested removing the dwarf wall making it one large area with no barriers and potentially dangerous trip hazards.

Our Work:

The customer loved our ideas on how to design the new family garden and we got to work. To raise the garden to the levels we suggested we needed to put in a massive 24 tonnes of aggregates. We were then able to lay our popular artificial grass product The Spring

The end results speak for themselves, a fully functionally family garden.

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