A great alternative to concrete slabs

Concrete slab gardenAlternative to concrete slabs

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The Brief:

This back garden in Sidcup, Kent was entirely paved. It looked dull and uninviting so the owners called us in to brighten the area up with artificial grass. Artificial grass is a great alternative to concrete slabs as it is quick to lay, lasts for many years with little maintainance and it brings a brightness and warmth that is non existent with concrete slabs.

Our Work:

We began the project by removing the slabs which were laid on a solid base. We then concreted in our timbers around the perimeter.

The base had a few areas which were broken so we filled this with type 1. This not only created a solid base for the grass it would also allow any rain water to drain into the soil.

Finally we added an inch of granite dust and then fitted our new product the Spring.

We think this garden now looks amazing!

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