Fitting the best artificial grass for dogs in Bromley

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The Brief:

We were called to this house in Bromley, Kent to give a quote for installing our best artificial grass for dogs. The existing garden lawn had been destroyed by the families dogs. The muddy mess which was once their beautiful lawn was now bought in to the house on muddy paws. The owners asked us to help.

We discussed the suitability of our range of grasses for dogs with the owners. They opted for the best artificial grass for dogs that we could offer – The Outfield

Our Work:

We got to work by removing 4 inches of top soil from the garden lawn and then adding over 7 tonnes of aggregates. This created a nice solid platform on to which we layed the Outfield artificial grass. This is the best artificial grass for dogs because it has a short 25mm pile but still looks amazing. The short pile allows the grass to be easily cleaned. It retains it looks best because its length means it does not have to recover in to a high upright position.

A great new lawn for high pawfall area!

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