Fitting a drought resistant ground cover

Garden lawn burnt by sunDrought resistant ground cover

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The Brief:

This small back garden lawn in Sidcup, Kent had not only been ruined by dog urine but the grass had also been burn’t yellow by the baking summer sun and the lack of water. What the owners wanted was a drought resistant ground cover that would look great all year round. It was important that whatever ground cover was laid it had to be pet friendly. Artificial grass was the answer.

Our Work:

We began this project by taking away 3-4 inches of grass and top soil. We then securely attached our hidden fixings around the perimeter of the garden. After laying a membrane, we added 3 inches of Type 1, compacted it and then added our top layer of granite dust.

Having finished preparing the top layer we rolled out our artificial grass product the Meadow and fitted it by nail gunning it to our timbers.

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