Fitting a child friendly garden surface in Tonbridge

Unfriendly garden surface and surroundsChild friendly garden surface

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The Brief:

This family back garden in Tonbridge, Kent was not suitable for the children to play in. It needed some thought and work to turn it into an area the kids would enjoy and be safe in. Top of the list in providing a great area of this nature is to have a child friendly garden surface – in this case artificial grass. Artificial grass is  great play surface because it is soft, mud free and won’t wear out like real grass.

As well as the child friendly garden surface the owners chose suitable non toxic plants to put in around the borders and they removed the hard surfaces and edges the kids could potential fall and hurt themselves on.

Our Work:

To create the new child friendly area we removed the top layer of turf and soil before putting in our groundworks. They were built with 7 tonnes of Type 1, 3 tonnes of granite dust and several metres of concreted in fixing timbers. 

The Spring artificial grass was chosen as the most suitable child friendly garden surface as it has a beautiful soft feel and great recovery when walked on.

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