The classic artificial grass installation

This is an example of a classic artificial grass installation. The owner of this house in Orpington, Kent made our life easy. They had already dug out the area 3 inches leaving a rock hard surface. The edges of the lawn were clean and a regular shape. All that was left for us to do was put in our groundworks.

We placed timbers in along the edging lines which we set in concrete. We laid a membrane, barrowed in 3 tonnes of Type 1 via the easily accessible gateway to the back garden and then added our top layers of granite dust.

The grass fitted was The Grange …. Someone really liked it! woof woof.

Preparing groundworks
Preparing the groundworks in the back garden
Classic artificial grass installation completed
Classic artificial grass installation completed
Hand screeded granite dust
Granite dust hand screeded to complete the groundworks
another happy customer
Another happy customer. Woof!

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