Foal farm project
Before and after image at the Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre where Perfect Grass donated over 100 sqm of artificial turf

Dogs at the Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre in Biggin Hill, Kent should see some much needed happiness thanks to Perfect Grass Ltd who have donated and installed dog run artificial turf for one of the kennels.

Gavin Hall, owner of Perfect Grass said. “I am a real animal lover having homed a number of rescue dogs myself, so when the opportunity was presented to help out at the local Animal Rescue Centre I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Myself and my team wanted to give our time and artificial turf installation experience to make the lives of these unwanted, distressed or sick animals better. From our experience artificial turf is an ideal surface on which dogs can play.”

With the help of a few other local tradesmen who also offered their manpower and materials for free the work began.

The intention of the project was to brighten up the existing concrete run of one of the dog housing areas.

To begin with a small wall was erected and bamboo screening was put around the outside. Fences and pallets were put together to create a raised area for the dogs to look out into the surrounding fields. And finally a doggy paddling pool was created along with a small slide and sandpit. To create extra interest the bland soulless concrete was covered with nearly 100 sqm of different lengths of dog run artificial turf. This created different sensory experiences for the dogs as they walked over them.

The team installing the dog run artificial turf

Dog run artificial turf donated by the Perfect Grass Team


Kennel Supervisor Sarah Mitchell said. “The work done by Gavin and the other tradesmen has made a massive change for the good and if it makes the lives of these dogs so much better whilst they are looking to be re-homed.”

If you are looking for a pet please give these type of organisations a try and a give an animal a good home! Contact details for Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre

Dog run artificail turf installed at this Animal Rescue Centre
Completed dog sensory area at Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre

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