New look grass car unveiled

Smart car

Perfect Grass unveils its new look grass car. The Smart car will be used to visit customers looking for an artificial grass quotation.

With more and more people turning to artificial grass we thought it was about time we arrived at customers houses to in style. To do this we have had a Smart car wrapped in a bright grass covering. We hope it will not only let our customer’s know who has arrived but hopefully it will bring a smile to their faces.

Gavin Hall, owner of Perfect Grass was asked why he chose the Smart car. He said, ” Because the car is small and nippy it is an ideal vehicle for Urban driving. The relatively small engine size means it will be eco friendly unlike many of the old diesel trucks you see driven around in by tradesmen today. The size of the car makes it easy to manoeuvre in traffic and when parking. If you see me or a colleague out and about in it be sure to give us a wave”.

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