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Kids love artificial grass!

Hooray!! Kids are back to school! After 6 weeks of playing I am sure there are a few gardens out there that are just patches of mud, well you know what we’re gonna suggest don’t you? Artificial grass is the solution!

Problem is if you are anything like us you’ve probably spent all your money entertaining your little horrors all summer! Good news is artificial grass from Perfect Grass is far more affordable than you’d think, so call us today and get a quote!

Our grass prices range from £17.95 to 24.95 per sqm inc vat. A garden can be fitted with a fake lawn for much cheaper than you think.

Why the kids love fake grass

Children can have all their toys out at once from paddling pools too see-saws, swings , slides and trampolines which all can be used with out a single mark being made on dads pride and joy. On top of that there will be no more mud , no more mess , no more footprints through the house and definitely no green stains on their jeans !

Once the day is over the paddling pool can remain in place without fears it will kill the grass underneath it. When it does require to be emptied do not fear as a well installed artificial lawn drains better than a real one , in some cases up to 85 litres of water per square metre per minute now that is impressive!

So kids its time to ask mum and dad for your back garden to be done asap!


  1. Hi Gavin
    Can you please advise me the best way to put a trampoline on my new artificial grass please ?
    My son is a teenager and he’s quite heavy so I want to make sure we use some sort of matting or something to prevent the grass from ripping I’m just unsure what .
    Many thanks

    • Hi there if they are U bend legs , I always suggest cable tying some boards onto each leg ie like a scaffold board cut to size, this will enable the weight to distributed evenly over an area . If they have pole legs you need something like a coaster or again heavy duty timber to stop the weight being pushed directly on one specific point. cheers

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