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Artificial grass has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a school playing surface in the 1960’s?

Little changed over the next few decades. From the early 1990’s drainage was improved with new backings and installation techniques. Different lengths of grass and a variety of different thatches have since been incorporated to create the real grass look. Although these changes have been great the latest developments look even more impressive.

Is this the future of artificial grass?

Moving on to the present day with the 2014 Fifa World Cup there has been plenty of talk about the new hybrid pitch at the Sao Paulo stadium. The surface is a combination of natural grass woven with artificial grass fibres injected into the pitch. The benefits of this type of artificial grass are huge for the player and the football grounds team alike. The player appreciates the softer surface that doesn’t divot and the grounds team is able to provide a perfect playing surface all year round.

Well this got me thinking: Is this the future of artificial grass and what other improvements could be made to see it take over from real grass as the number one choice in gardens and sports arenas around the world?

Control the length of your Artificial Grass with the push of a button

Wouldn’t it be great to have the option to control the length of your artificial grass? You may want to push a button to shorten the length of your grass if you are looking at periods of high footfall. Conversely, it would be great to push the button to increase the length of grass during periods of less traffic.

Artificial Grass with inbuilt lighting

Could lighting be attached to the artificial grass fibres? It would be nice to look out on your lawn at night and see your garden lit up. Why stop at one colour? Have a selection of different colours or the ability to make a pattern or picture. It would be fun to look out onto your lawn to see your family photo on it.  Advertisers could show their branding anywhere on a sporting field.

Artificial Grass with a variety of scents

The one thing that I miss about real grass is the freshly cut grass scent. It reminds me of mornings out on the golf course in the middle of summer. So why not have scented artificial grass? It wouldn’t only have to be in the summertime you could enjoy this great smell. If you are looking for a calming scent offer lavender or other relaxing odors. Combined with the color green, which in itself offers a calming effect this type of grass could be a hit for hospitals or rehabilitation centres.

Artificial Grass golf courses

The problem with artificial grass at present is that it doesn’t behave in quite the same way as real grass. Take golf for instance. Hitting shots on to a green you need the ball to check up and stop. Hitting from the tee you would like to take a divot. It would be great to see this happen. There would be no more rain delays due to flooding and a consistent playing surface would be on offer throughout the year.

Artificial grass has come a long way over the last 40 years. I hope you enjoyed my look at what is currently happening and what could happen to it in the next 40 years.

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