Good groundworks reduce the cost when it come to an artificial grass replacement

Before Replacement Grass

10 year old artificial grass

I often get asked how long artificial grass will last and when will it be necessary to get an artificial grass replacement? I am also regularly asked how much it will cost to replace the grass and will the groundworks need to be replaced?

To answer both these questions I will tell you about a recent project that I undertook for a customer who I first installed artificial grass for over 10 years ago.

The customer in question who lives in Braintree, Essex called me as he had recently re-landscaped his garden and in the process the grass had been spoilt in many areas. He had 3 children who had used the lawn extensively to play on over the years and this intensive play was now making the grass look tired. I visited the customer with some samples of our new range of grasses. He was impressed by how much the look and feel of our range had improved over the years and quickly decided on the Outfield grass for its looks and durability. Because I had provided solid foundations on the initial installation there was little further groundworks that needed to be done apart from a little type1 and granite dust. This mean’t that I was now able to offer the customer a completely new lawn for 50% less than if he was installing a lawn again from scratch.

If you are thinking of having artificial grass layed then please make sure you ask your installer about the foundation work they intend to do. Decent foundations will not only prevent the grass from bubbling up it will also save you a lot of money when it finally comes round to replacing the grass.

artificial grass replacement

Artificial Grass Replacement Lawn

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