Bringing the Outside in: Artificial Grass inside the Home

When you think of artificial grass your first thought is the immaculate lawns and back gardens that you see on the BBC, right? But artificial grass can be used for so much more than that; the simple addition of artificial grass in your home can turn any house into a little slice of paradise!

Artificial Grass inside the home

From floor laying to table runners and those faux plants you buy because you feel guilty that you even managed to kill a cactus, artificial foliage is quickly becoming the ‘in thing’ in every home. With a wide variety of both colour and texture you can create any look you want and bring the outside inside.

Artificial Grass Interior Design Ideas

A simple layering of artificial grass on a balcony can give any high rise flat a garden that won’t require too much maintenance.

Try using artificial grass to make a snazzy synthetic grass sofa – a look that is pretty darn cool, and will certainly get the neighbours talking!

Stick in on your windowsill the way that people spray on fake snow and pretend that it’s summer all year round – or just pretend that it’s summer when the weather’s…well British.

Pimp your ride – it has even been used to add a unique aesthetic to a car, lining the back of a pick-up truck. Not strictly interior décor, but fun never the less.

Why it’s so great for interior decor

Artificial grass is perfect for indoor use as it’s non-toxic – It won’t harm your children or your pets, it’s non-flammable, and it’s 100% recyclable! It’s also UV resistant so it won’t go that strange brown colour in the summer and it’s suitable for all kind of climates so if your house is freezing cold or you like to have your heating on 24/7 then it will still stay looking lush and green all year round.

It doesn’t need any soil either!  Brilliant if you want to layer it down in your conservatory or living room for a little bit of quirky insulation!

The best thing about having artificial grass in your home is it creates an ambiance that you might not otherwise be able to get without it. It can make you feel like you’re at one with nature.

So if you want a little slice of the outside world without actually having to go outside or you just want to spruce you home up with foliage but know there’s a chance it may die if left alone with you then get yourself a patch and bring the outside in. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to make one of those awesome looking sofas!


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