groundworks in Swanleyswanley back garden lawn

The Brief:

Some very good friends of mine own this property in Swanley, Kent so I am unable to take all the credit for this particular garden! At the outset the garden was basically a shambles. I advised them on what could be done to transform it. They spent long hours in their spare time and evenings working on taking out the old garden and installing the new groundworks. They also put in some upright timbers to make a gazebo and some sleepers around the perimeter.

Our Work:

Under my guidance the customer installed his own groundworks. I stepped in for the final phase and laid the new artificial grass. We chose the Rectory artificial grass product for this particular job due its stunning looks. The garden is really starting to take shape now and with some strategic planting of some new shrubs, herbaceous perennials and climbers over the winter they should have a lovely back garden to look forward to enjoying this summer.