YEE HAW!!! Or not as the case may be for our USA brothers trying to maintain a lawn in Texas and the surrounding states! With Fall (Autumn to us Brits) approaching and little or no rain on the horizon more and more consumers in the states are turning to synthetic grass.

The growing trend is a result of the long hot summer which has resulted in severe water restrictions, now that is something us Brits know a heck of a lot about eh? Americans are obsessive about kerb appeal and a scrappy, scruffy, brown and parched lawn is a real no no! Same goes for the back yard (garden) when you are showing off to the other ‘soccer moms’ whilst throwing a neighborhood BBQ.

The issue of people using precious water supplies to care for their lawns has become so serious that some cities in the states actually pay homeowners to remove real lawns and replace them with synthetic grass. I wish I could say this is the case in the UK at the moment but sadly it isn’t, yet…………..

All I know is with the time I save by not having to maintain a real lawn I am free to pursue other interests. This does result in me sitting in the garden on a regular basis admiring my beautiful artificial lawn, usually with a glass of wine in hand! Ok ok always! We had dinner with some friends from Spain last week and apparently the Spanish government is undertaking a huge project installing fake grass on central reservations, roundabouts and other public areas. The long term savings made by not needing to pay maintenance more than recoup the initial cost.  Gossip  (yeah we are that sad and do gossip about the stuff too) is that France is now a major consumer of domestic artificial lawns. I am pretty sure the UK is heading this way folks. Perhaps I should have a chat with David Cameron and instill the benefits of our product to the coalition, not the easiest of people to get hold of but I’ll give it a whirl! Mind you I’d probably get more publicity for Perfect Grass by offering to do the gardens of the cast of TOWIE!! Something for me to think about next time I’ve got my feet up in my beautiful ‘faux jardin’, wow I’m so continental!

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